On the Internet, nobody knows that you’re poor

David Rowan, Editor of Wired UK, gave a talk at last week’s LIFT conference in Geneva on how the next web millionaires will come from Africa.

It’s a great talk that’s worth watching presenting some of the innovations coming out of the Africa continent. This is being driven by the improved submarine cable and backhaul connectivity being rolled out and the impact this is having on some of the most expensive broadband costs in the world as a proportion of monthly income.

In his talk, David Rowan paraphrases the famous cartoon in the New Yorker “On the Internet, nobody knows that you’re a dog” as

“On the Internet, nobody knows that you’re poor”

although it’s not clear from whether he’s actually quoting Juliana Rotich, co-founder and executive director of Ushahidi.

For some additional reading on the ICT revolution taking place in Africa, see this Mobile Africa report released last year by Mobile Monday and the infoDev Incubator Support Center network website for Africa.